WordPress Personal Dictionary plugin Demo

The Personal Dictionary WordPress plugin allows your users to create their own digital dictionaries and learn new words and terms as fastest as possible.

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Personal Dictionary plugin is the best decision for you in case you are an online teacher, university instructor, or language tutor.

You can make your students’ learning process more organized and effective. When students discover a new unfamiliar term, they can simply add it to their group, write its corresponding translation, and then practice it repeatedly. Without repeated review, the likelihood of forgetting the word or team is typically extremely high.

Let your website visitors learn new words within minutes and in a fun way.

Features used in this demo
  • Show title
  • Show Description
  • Learnt points: 10
  • Right answer points: 1
  • Wrong answer points(-): -0.25
  • Title alignment: Left
  • Description alignment: Left

Pro Features
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited groups and words
  • Revision games
  • Import words (XLSX)
  • Leaderboard
  • Analyitics
  • Access for not logged-in users
  • Matching Words game

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