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Customer Satisfaction Survey with Matrix

Please rate your satisfaction with...
Highly Satisfied
Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied
Highly Dissatisfied
The taste of your food
The temperature of your food
The speed of service
The friendliness of the crew
The accuracy of your order
The cleanliness
How friendly were the employees?
How likely is it that you would recommend our restaurant to a friend?
In a typical month how often do you visit our restaurant?
What have you tried from our menu?
Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement

Survey With Skip Logic
Skip logic is a feature that changes what question or page a respondent sees next based on how they answer the current question
Firstly, what type of transport do you use most?*
You see this question, because you answered "Car" at the previous one.
Fine, then please specify the type of your car.*
You see this question, because you answered "Hatchback" at the previous one.
Thanks! Now please, tell us why do you prefer Hatchback.*
And finally, please, rate the design of your car
You see this question, because you answered "Sedan" at the previous one.
Thanks! Now please, tell us why do you prefer Sedan.*
You see this question, because you answered "Bicycle" at the previous one.
Great! And why do you prefer bicycle?*
You see this question, because you answered "It's good for health" at the previous one.
Amazing! And what other activities do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Now, please, write your age, weight and height.
One last question! Do you consider yourself overweighted?
If you want to recieve the required daily amount of calories for you, please, leave your email address here.
You see this question, because you answered "It doesn't require any expenses" at the previous one.
Well, but what if you need to go to another city, and it takes you lots of time with a bicycle?
Okay, and how much time does riding a bicycle take from you daily?
Do you wear a helmet while riding a bicycle?
How would you rate the level of bike paths in your city?

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Free Features

  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Unlimited Questions
  • 6 question types
  • Responsive design
  • Sections with different count of questions
  • Individual submission
  • Submissions summary
  • Question Image
  • Survey style options (20+)
  • Randomize questions
  • Randomize answers
  • Restriction by IP and User id
  • Only for logged in users
  • Result message
  • Redirect after submit

Pro Features

  • Send mail to user
  • Send mail to admin
  • Email configuration
  • Schedule survey
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Slack integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • User history shortcode
  • Make questions required
  • Permissions by user role
  • Limit attempts count
  • Results with charts
  • Export and import surveys
  • Submissions summary export
  • Individual submission export
  • PDF export
  • Password protected survey
  • Google sheet integration
  • Zapier integration
  • SendGrid integration
  • GamiPress integration
  • Popup Survey
  • Logic jump
  • Summary emails
  • More on the way …

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail info@ays-pro.com .

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We’re sure that you’ll love our WordPress Survey plugin, but, if for some reason, you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money-back guarantee and we’ll issue a refund


  1. Avatar

    Hey, how can I limit the user attempts? I need every user to take the survey only 1 time.

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Lucas,

      Thank you for your comment.

      To do so, please go to the Limitation Users tab of the plugin, then enable the Maximum number of attempts per user and choose your preferred number at Attempts count.

      Thank you.

  2. Hey, i’m using the free version of this plugin, but i want to purchase PRO. Can you give me a detailed description of what features will be added?

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Nadarr,

      Thank you for the comment.
      We’re very happy that you liked the plugin and want to switch to the PRO version.
      For more details, please, read this User Manual: https://ays-pro.com/wordpress-survey-maker-user-manual

      Thank you.

  3. Hey, do you have a guide or smth to help me create multipage surveys with this plugin? Im using business version.

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Kaye,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please, watch this video on our YouTube channel, to help you create multi-page surveys with our Survey Maker plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i0IjyCcjWQ

      Thank you.

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