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The Secure Copy Content Protection plugin allows you to protect your content from being plagiarised and/or disowned by others. Create Unique Content and Secure it for a lifetime.

Secure Copy Content Protection Offers

Watermark Images

Secure your images by adding watermark on them.

Disable Right Click

Disable both right and left click on any of your website content.

Disable by Country

Disable the content by country, IP, User Role, post/page, etc.

Block Content by Password

Sahre your content only with those you want by putting password on it.

Paid Content Via PayPal

Create unique content and get paid for sharing it with others.

Here is a live preview of some of the functionalities mentioned!

Block Content by Password

If you want to open this content, then use this password: 1234


You need to Enter right password



Block Content by Email

If you want to open this content, then write down your email.



Paid Content Via PayPal

You need to pay to see more.

Protect Your Website Images with Watermark

Perhaps you are a designer who displays his/her work on a website. Stealing the images and designs that others have created is something more common on the internet than creating one yourself. With Copy Content Protection plugin own your work by putting watermarks on the images that are created exclusively by you!

Pro Features
  • Copy Content Protection
  • Disable Right Click
  • Disable Left Click
  • Disable Developers Tool
  • Disable Drag/Drop
  • Disable keyboard combinations
  • Style Settings
  • Subscribe to View Content
  • Block Content with Password
  • Mailchimp Integrations
  • Export Results
  • Block by IP
  • Block by Country
  • Font/Back Blocker
  • Block Rest API
  • Protection by User Role
  • Protection by post/post type
  • Block content with password
  • Paid Content Via PayPal
  • Watermark Images
  • Disable CTRL+C
  • Disable CTRL+S
  • Disable CTRL+V
  • Disable CTRL+Z
  • Disable CTRL+X
  • Disable CTRL+Y
  • Disable CTRL+H
  • Disable CTRL+U
  • Disable CTRL+F
  • Disable CTRL+P

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail .

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We’re sure that you’ll love our Secure Copy Content Protection plugin, but, if for some reason, you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money-back guarantee and we’ll issue a refund


  1. Avatar

    Does this plugin disable Print Screen as well?

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Dear Hukhozo Kezo,

      Thank you for the comment.

      At the moment, unfortunately, there is no such functionality available for usage.

      Thank you.

  2. Hi
    Print Screen Not Disabled in my website

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Dear Kanchan,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please clarify the problem you are experiencing more in detail so that we can guide you accordingly.
      Please contact us via this form and provide us with the link, where the copy protection is enabled. Our Customer Care Specialists will check the case and help you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

      Thank you.

  3. I would like to know if with this plugin I can apply copy and paste protection only to specific pages

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Dear Aguiar,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Sure, you can.
      All you need to do is to go to the Copy Protection plugin > General tab > tick the Enable copy protection option > choose Selected for the Enable For option and specify the pages/posts.

      See the screenshot:

      Thank you.

  4. Hi Support Team – I purchased your plugin and it does not at all work for me


    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Dear Saroj Nayak,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please contact us via this form for further investigation of your case. Our Customer Care Specialists are ready to check your case and guide you accordingly as soon as possible.

      Thank you.

  5. Ricardo Wichinsky says:

    Boa noite bloqueia copias atrvés de Móbile , e existe a possibilidade de bloquear o print screen???

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Dear Ricardo Wichinsky,

      Thank you for the comment.

      I want to mention that we have done our best to handle it as much as possible.
      We are also constantly working to improve the functionalities of our plugin.

      When the cursor is located in the body, the functionality can normally work.
      However, when it appears on the tabs, unfortunately, it becomes out of our control, since it is already a browser-level case.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Great plugin, in the free version. It works like a charm for me. Thanks for your work, wonderful.

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Jarda,

      Thank you for your valuable assessment.

      By the way, you can write about your experience on the review section as well 🙂
      It will help us to grow much faster and improve our quality

      Have a nice day!

  7. How does PayPal block work?

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Bradd,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Basically, when the option is enabled, the system blocks the whole content or the selected part of it until a user pays. You can connect your PayPal account to the plugin by just adding the Client ID of PayPal. Moreover, you can assign your preferred amount and corresponding currency .

      Thank you.

  8. Hi,
    Want ask abour back blocker ?
    how it’s work ?

    can this protect content in edit contributor area?

    Thank you

    1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

      Hi Dear Jave,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There are block Admin page or/and block Front page checkboxes for the Block Country and the Block IPs functionalities. When the visitor with blocked IP/Country visits the copy protection enabled areas on the website, the entire screen will be whitened and will be shown a notification message.

      Regarding the last question, can you please clarify it?

      Thank you.

      1. Hi Monica, I want to block visitors who are guests. Registered users can have access to copy .
        Is it possible?

        1. Monica | Technical support specialist says:

          Hi Dear Rukshar,

          Thank you for the comment.

          The plugin has an Enable copy protection for roles option, via which you can select the preferred user role(s) from the list and enable the secure copy content protection only for them. For example, you can tick all roles except the Administration, and the admin can copy and do other functionalities on the website from the front-end. The functionality is available in the Premium version.

          Please untick all the user roles to achieve the result you wish to have.

          Here is a screenshot:

          Thank you.

  9. Can I use copy protection plugin to restrict access to my Training page on my WordPress website

    1. Hello Dear Michael,

      Thank you for your interest.
      Yes, you can restrict any page from your website.


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