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How to Create a Quiz with Timer in WordPress

Timed Quizzes are now a part of every online course. One of the main purposes of creating a timed Quiz is mainly to prevent cheating. The limits that the timer gives are only enough to answer test questions and not Google them. Due to this feature, you will be able to get more reliable quiz results. An interesting fact to mention is that a lot of people have fun while passing quizzes with timers. Why? The feeling of adrenaline while passing the quiz or doing something in unlimited time is driving and entertaining for them.

Time Quizzes are generally used in education as it was mentioned earlier, it is one of the ways to protect Quizzes from cheating. That is why the majority of Universities, for example, the University of Houston include instructions on their website on how to create a Times Quiz, so that it would be easy for the teachers to create an assessment quiz with a timer for their courses. 

This article as well will give you enough information on how to create a timed quiz using the WordPress quiz plugin.

Pros and Cons of Timed Quiz

Before passing through the main instruction on how to create a time quiz, let’s, first of all, discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of timed quizzes. 

The studies proved that timed quizzes are beneficial to the learning experience. The students use their knowledge to answer the questions quickly. By this point, they learn how to manage their time and get tasks done at high speed. Timed quizzes are used to help students stay more oriented. 

The 2 main advantages of Timed Quizzes

  • It will help to improve time management skill

Time management skills are important for students are surely important. Time management is somehow a talent that can bring discipline to a student’s life. That is why the timed quizzes are known to have a good impact on increasing the students’ time management skills. While passing the test, students will know particularly how many minutes or hours they have for the test to be passed. This is an effective way of making the students understand how to manage their time so that they will not fail the exam.

  • They decrease the opportunity to look up the answers instead of learning

Why do teachers take exams? Yes, the answer is obvious. The main purpose of it is to check the students’ knowledge. How fair it would be if the students Google the answers for the exam and by that pass the exams with 100% results? So that is why quizzes with timers can limit the chances of cheating because the recipients will not have enough time for searching the answers instead of remembering them themselves.

The 2 main disadvantages of Timed Quizzes

  • The feeling of pressure

Besides the feeling of adrenaline, people sometimes find it stressful to do things in a limited time.  The timing can reduce the level of concentration among the students. For example, a student may completely understand a concept and be able to solve it but due to the lack of time, he/she will not be able to concentrate on it. That is why the teachers who are creating an online exam must be sure that they give enough time. They must acknowledge the difficulty of the question they are asking.

  • Technical issues during the quiz

We are not insured from the technical problems during the test. Sometimes technical problems may occur in the middle of the test. When we have a limited time those issues may be a real disaster. Do you agree, that sometimes it is really hard to go and to tell the teachers that the main reason for failing the exams, is because your internet is slow or something like that?

Creating an Online Exam with Timer via Quiz Maker

Finding the right tool for creating a Quiz with Timer is not an easy task. In this article, I will recommend you the WordPress quiz plugin. The Quiz Maker plugin has the all needed features that will help you to reach your desired result. Install and activate the plugin and the world of the best WordPress quiz maker plugin will be open for you.

As the main purpose of this article is to show you how to create a Quiz with a timer, I will mainly concentrate on that feature.

The process of creating a quiz is super easy with the Quiz Maker plugin. Suppose you have created your questions, divided them into categories, given points to them and now it’s time for you to also add a timer. All you have to do is to go to the Settings tab and scroll a little bit down to see the Enable Timer option.

As you can see from the picture you will have the ability to set your preferred time or add a message before the timer. This option is very useful as it will inform the participants that the quiz they are passing is timed. They will get prepared for passing it mentally.

You will be able to add messages even after the timer ends. It can be a reminder for the participants.

Isn’t enough?

The Quiz Maker allows you to turn on the warning. What is it? When 90% of the set time passes, the timer colour changes to red. It’s your decision to choose whether you want to create a sense of urgency or not.

Wrapping Up!

This article is a proven example of how important a timed quiz can be, not only for the online lessons but for the daily activities as well.

Wanna try it yourself? Then go and activate the Quiz Maker plugin.

BTW: Did you know that WordPress Survey Plugin also allows you to create questionnaires and get valuable feedback from your students? So you might also want to check that out!

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