5 Basic Rules to Know for Making a Survey

Surveys are used in various fields, from important data research to party invitation questionnaires. Just like the fields, the platforms for showcasing those surveys are just as different, from face-to-face interviews to online questionnaires. In our case, we are going to concentrate on Online Surveys. However, if you want to create a survey that would be pass-worthy then you must know the basics. 

What are Surveys? 

First, let’s give a very quick definition of surveys. The collection of very specific feedback or information from the public or a targeted number of people via questionnaires is referred to as surveys.    

Why are online surveys preferable?

Well, It’s 2022 outside and we all try to benefit the most we can from innovative technologies. But if you still need more backup, I have got 3 of them. 

  • First, they are incomparably faster. Your click-oriented system automatically counts the answers in seconds.
  • Secondly no need to waste your money on paper, surveys are wallet-friendly and eco-friendly. 
  • The Third reason is the accuracy of the online surveys. Your computer, unlike you, won’t get frustrated by inserting the multi-questioned survey data into a collective file.

How to make an accurate survey

Let’s cut straight to the point!

To make a good survey, you must know that they consist of the following important components:

  1. Objective 
  2. Questions 
  3. Question types
  4. Writing style
  5. Logic 

The objective of your survey is the same as the philosophy behind them. Perhaps this is the most simple point to keep. The question you have to ask yourself is “Why?”. Whether you refer to a public or targeted audience there must be a certain aim. The questions and answers have to be logically distributed. Always do research on the topic you chose and check out available data. This way you will understand what those analyses lack or what you need to add to yours.

The Questions come right after the set objective. So what are considered good survey questions? Keep in mind that good grammar and concise formation are very important. Use simple words instead of long terms. Also, avoid words that have several meanings. If the question is itself complex, try to break it into several shorter sentences. 

The Question types of surveys on a whole vary from 10 to 14. So which are the ones that you should be using in your surveys? 

  • Open-ended questions- Those are long answer questions. It is always important to give the person room to speak their mind. Besides if you seek the most accurate answers then open-ended questions are the best.
  • Closed-ended questions- These question types are unavoidable. Multiple choice questions fall under this category as well. This is the classic for surveys, however, do not make endless answer choices.
  • Rating questions- Get stars, hearts, smiles, anything you want. Via this question type, you can get your customers’ opinions on certain topics. The most common range is between 1-5. 

The writing style is not less important than the question types. If you want to get accurate results then the questions must be in a more neutral tone and not leading. Remember that customers, in general, like personalized approaches. So always refer to them in the second person. The level of professionalism and formal language depends on the survey type. However, make sure to be corresponding.   

Logic is something that naturally must be involved in any action you take. And for the surveys, makes the experience even more personalized. To speak terms, I refer to skip logic surveys, which target the audience depending on the given answers. Let’s say you want to gather data on specific data both from a male and female perspective, however, you know that with your products the experiences of these two segments are wildly different. With skip logic surveys you basically branch your questions for more than one audience. This will engage people, and provide valuable insights.

Last but not least to make a survey that is worthy both for you and your customers, you have to pay attention to its design. This involves all the mentioned aspects. It should be in proper font size, in a readable color. Also include several image-based questions, to distract the audience and make it more vivid. All this can be done via wordpress survey plugin, Survey Maker. 

To wrap up: Surveys can be helpful in more than one way which is data collection. You can build an email list and generate leads. However, keeping all the mentioned basic rules will and combining it with a strong wp survey plugin, will make you a master of your job.

And if you happen to still be looking for another way of collecting important insights, or making questionnaires you should know that the WordPress Quiz Plugin allows you to create surveys, questionnaires, product satisfaction quizzes, and many more.


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