Popup Box Demo (Yes or No type)

Yes or No Popups

Increase conversion by displaying the Yes or No type popups. Two options simple popups with exit intent trigger types could prevent your customers from leaving the website without taking action.

💡Why Do We Need Shortcode Type Popups?

♻️Conversion Circle

Display Popups with one simple question, that will lead to action and continue the conversion circle.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Customer Approach

By displaying Yes or No popups, find out how your customer or website visitors feel about your content.

✔️Exit Intent Yes/No

Combine well-built popup with an exit-intent trigger type, and prevent your site visitors from leaving without taking action.

Create Your First Yes/No Type Popup!

Note: The themes are fully customizable, you can set different triggers, opening and closing options, and brand it!

Step 1. Click “Add New” and select the “Yes or No” type
Step 2. Select the theme called “Peachy”
Step 3. Insert the shortcode of the content you want to display

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