Popup Box Demo (Subscribe and Get a File)

Subscribe and Get a File

Share an exclusive offer by sending a file to your customers after subscription. Share product guides, promotions, e-books, and more via popups that will automatically send files after subscription.

💡Why Do We Need the Subscribe and Get a file Type Popup?

📈Increase Conversion

Use Opt-In popups and turn your page visitors into users. Increase your website conversion and build a valuable email list.

🎁Promote Products

Connect with your website visitors and send them information worth their subscription. Send promotional campaigns, discounts, and free guides.

🚀Customer Approach

Via Opt-In popups, grow your email list and speed up the buyer journey by sending personalized emails and offers to your potential customers.

Create Your First Opt-In Popup!

Note: The themes are fully customizable, you can set different triggers, opening and closing options, and brand it!

Step 1. Click “Add New” and select the “Subscribe and get a file” type
Step 2. Select the theme called “Food”
Step 3. Click “Enable popup” and Upload the file you want to send.

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