Popup Box Pro Demo (Login Type)

Login Type Popup

Display a Popup to allow your user directly log in to your website before taking any action. Increase engagement, and enhance the number of logged-in users, thus revealing customer insights and valuable data.

💡Why Do We Need Login Type Popup?

🔎Login solution

A login popup is the best login solution for your website. It’s easy to display and generate leads

🪐Save Space

Innovation is the key, instead of using extra space, display your login form in a next-gen login popup.

🚀Increase engagement

What’s more important than the insights you get. Your customers’ login information such as email can get you a step closer to them.

Create Your First Login Popup!

Note: The themes are fully customizable, you can set different triggers, opening and closing options, and brand it!

Step 1. Click “Add New” and select the “Log-In” type
Step 2. Select the theme called “Coral”
Step 3. Click “Enable popup” and you are ready to go


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