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Coupon Type Popup

Create what your customers are looking for: Discount Codes! Increase sales with coupon popups. Offer the best discounts to your customer, easily generate coupons and display them on your website in the most presentable way.

💡Why Do We Need Coupon Type Popup?

📈Elevate Sales

59% of buyers are looking for discounts before purchasing a product. Those who use discount codes increase their sales up to 20%.

💌Build an Email list

Know your potential customers and those interested in your product. Build an email list with customers only and send further promotions.

🚀Increase Conversion

Let people know you offer discount codes via popups and increase your website conversion. Make exit-intent coupon popups and don’t let them slip away.

Create Your First Coupon Type Popup!

Note: The themes are fully customizable, you can set different triggers, opening and closing options, and brand it!

Step 1. Click “Add New” and select the “Coupon” type
Step 2. Select the theme called “Coral”
Step 3. Click “Enable popup” Import coupon list and you are ready to go

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